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Business Incorporation & Structures Services

At iCounsel, we provide investors with the assistance to incorporate and set up a range of business entities, including:

Private Company Incorporation

iCounsel can advise you on the steps involved in the registration process, filing of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and obtaining Company Incorporation certificate.

Single Member Company Incorporation

iCounsel can advise you on the benefits and drawbacks of forming an SMC and guide you through the incorporation process.

Public Company Incorporation

iCounsel can guide you through the complex process of incorporating a public limited company, including compliance with various statutory regulations and laws, preparation of a prospectus, and issuance of shares.

Limited Liability Partnership Registration

iCounsel can help in selecting the right LLP structure for your business and provide complete understanding of LLPs, their advantages, and disadvantages.

AOP Registration

iCounsel can assist you in registering your AOP with the relevant authorities and help in preparing and filing the necessary documents.

NGO/Trust Registration

iCounsel can assist you in registering NGOs/Trusts by preparing the necessary documents, such as the trust deed or Memorandum of Association, and filing the necessary forms with the relevant authorities.

Branch/Liaison Office Registration

iCounsel can assist in registering branch/liaison offices in another country, including obtaining necessary approvals and permissions, drafting and filing of the necessary documents, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and laws.

Corporate Secretarial Services

with all the required regulations to file with the regulatory authorities. 

These services include:

  • Establish a proper and optimal tax and corporate structure;
  • Developing organizational structures and systems
  • We provide the best practice and certify that companies are adhering to all Companies Act regulations;
  • Setting, maintaining and updating all statutory books and registers;
  • Keeping the Common Seal, register of the company, and the minutes of all the meetings;
  • Directors’ and shareholders’ responsibilities;
  • Making sure that all prescribed forms, financial statements and documents have been registered successfully with the SECP/CRO and SBP;
  • Drafting notices, minutes, and other related documents regards to the directors’ and shareholders’ meetings which includes the Annual General Meeting and the Extraordinary General Meeting.

Post Incorporation Compliances:

  • Immediate activities after incorporation
  • Mandatory Filing of Annual Returns
  • Financial Statements related Compliances
  • Frequent Event Based Filing

Managing Changes

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Frequent Event Based Filings, Such as:

  • Change of name
  • Change in constitutional documents
  • Change in capital structure including transfer of shares, issuance of new shares
  • Change of shareholders
  • Change of directors, managers, auditors and company secretaries
  • Change of registered office address and provision of registered office/correspondence address

Dissolution and Liquidation

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This includes

  • Striking the name of the company off the list of companies registered.
  • Concluding the voluntary winding-up of companies in a efficient and timely manner
  • Proper closure of branch/ liaison offices

Drafting of Corporate and other Legal documents

We assist in drafting of variety of corporate and legal documents

Such as:

  • Shareholder’s agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Memorandums of association
  • Employment contracts
  • Share sale and transfer agreements
  • and Other Corporate Agreements

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